Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs

Flag ws_flag_1
Proportions 3:5
Adopted Unknown
Design On a field of light blue appears a yellow ribbon curving across the top with “THE CONFEDERATED TRIBES OF THE” and a similar ribbon curving across the bottom with “WARM SPRINGS RESERVATION OF OREGON”, both in red block letters.  Between the ribbons are two eagles in flight, in brown and white, approaching the center from either side.  A central yellow disk forms a traditional shield, with seven eagle feathers hanging below in white with black tips.  The shield contains an outline of the reservation in red bearing an image of a dark green peak with a white snowcap.  Three brown tepees are below the mountain and three yellow stars are in a blue sky above it.
Symbolism The eagles recall the most sacred of all animals to the Native American as well as the abundance of wildlife on the reservation.  The seven eagle feathers below the shield to symbolize the protection and safety that the three tribes find within their sovereign boundaries.  The three tepees and three stars represent the three tribes and their lands’ proximity to Mount Hood, the highest peak in Oregon and visible from the reservation.
Designer Unknown
Notes Source: Don Healy, Raven 3/4 Flags of the Native Peoples of the United States, NAVA 1996-97.
Researcher: Ted Kaye

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