About the OFR

The Oregon Flag Registry (OFR) is an online listing of adopted flags pertaining to the US state of Oregon: flags of its governments (state, regional, county, and municipal) as well as flags of its companies, tribes, organizations, and individual people.  The purpose of the OFR is to promote the design, adoption, and display of flags throughout the state, and incidentally to encourage good flag design.  While similar to a “College of Arms” as a provider and promoter of sound flag design, the OFR functions as a “registrar” rather than a “gatekeeper”.

To submit a flag to be considered for inclusion in the Registry, please visit the Submit a Flag page and follow the simple instructions there.

The Portland Flag Association (portlandflag.org) sponsors the OFR, maintaining the website and providing outreach to prospective registrants and design advice.  The Registry is modeled after and inspired by the Flag Institute’s UK Flag Registry of national, county, and local flags.  The OFR grew out of discussions within the Portland Flag Association about the flags of Oregon’s cities and counties.  Most of these are currently flagless.  PFA members hope that through the OFR they can assist with advice on the flag-design and flag-adoption process.

To help the PFA build out this registry, email volunteer@oregonflagregistry.org.

The Portland Flag Association is a member of FIAV, the international federation of flag-studies associations.