Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians

Flag siletz
Proportions TBD
Adopted ca. 1996
Design A white field edged with decorative lines at the top and bottom and the tribal seal at the center.  The circular seal depicts a large salmon seeming to ‘float’ over a sandy beach, through which a small blue creek meanders. Behind the salmon in the distance is a band of green forest over which towers a snow-capped mountain.  Outside a narrow black band encircling the seal is written ‘CONFEDERATED TRIBES’ above and ‘OF SILETZ INDIANS’ below.
Symbolism The designs at the top and bottom edges are inspired by Siletz basketry.  The seal depicts the reservation’s forested landscape, through which flows the Siletz RiverEucher Mountain (2415 feet) is a local landmark.  Salmon are central to Siletz culture, as they are to tribal cultures throughout the Pacific Northwest.
Designers Robert Simmons and Sharon Edenfield (Edenfield is responsible for the top and bottom decorative designs)
Notes The flag is described in Native American Flags by Donald T. Healy and Peter J. Orenski, 2003, University of Oklahoma Press, p. 54.
Researchers: Ted Kaye