Submit a Flag

To submit a flag to be considered for inclusion in the Registry, please use the form below, or send email with corresponding information to  The most important information to include is:

  • Evidence that that the flag has been adopted by some Oregon-based entity (a government, company, organization, or individual).  Ideally this includes an image of an actual cloth flag.
  • Contact information for that entity, allowing an OFR volunteer to confirm and complete the submission.

Additional information is always welcome, for example:

  • A graphic of the flag’s design.
  • A written description of the design, including colors, fonts, and proportions, and the meanings (if not obvious) of the design and its elements.
  • The history of the flag: who designed it, when was it adopted, predecessor flags, etc.
  • Any other information about the flag: related webpages, publications, places or events where it can be seen, etc.

Thank you for contributing to the Oregon Flag Registry!


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