Saint Helens

Flag us-or-sh
Proportions 3:5
Adopted 1976 (?)
Design The flag is blue field bisected horizontally by a wide yellow stripe.  In the center is a large yellow circle with a stylized landscape depicted within:  beneath a blue sky is a snow-capped mountain rising above green hills in the background; in the middle distance, a river on which floats a single masted red boat with white sails; and in the foreground a warehouse on the right and a tall coniferous tree on the left.  The tree is the largest landscape element and breaks out of the boundaries of the landscape picture, rooted in the yellow circle on the bottom and extending beyond the yellow circle on the top.  Above the circle is written “ST. HELENS” and below the circle, on two lines, “OREGON” and “1844”.
Symbolism The mountain is presumably Mt. St. Helens, after which the city is named, and the river is the Columbia, along which St. Helens is located. Significance of 1844 unknown – St. Helens was incorporated 25 February 1889.
Contest as part of US Bicentennial.
Designer Sean McKenney
Notes None
  • Researcher: Scott Mainwaring
  • Flag illustration by: Pascal Gross, FOTW

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