Flag Drawing of flag of Keizer
Photo of flag of Keizer
Proportions 3:4
Adopted 3 August 1983
Design Seven thin white stripes divide a royal blue field into eight increasingly narrow bands (from bottom to top), creating a gradient effect.  In the center are three large overlapping five-pointed white stars (fimbriated in blue) pointing toward the hoist. The text 1982 appears in white, in a sans-serif font, near the hoist, centered vertically in the lowest, widest band. A large white isosceles triangle pointing towards the hoist is placed at the fly, its base spanning the entire height of the flag. Together with a small white right triangle at the top of the flag (extending downwards from the edge nearly to the bottom of the fourth blue band), the two triangles form the negative space of part of a large letter K.
Symbolism The city describes the symbolism: The field of blue is outlined in the letter “K”, signifying the city of “Keizer”. The field of blue is separated in gradients of white reflecting the progressive growth and development of the community. Three white stars are imposed on the field of blue. The star is a symbol of the heavens and the divine goal to which mankind has aspired from time immemorial. The three overlapping stars express the fundamental qualities which served as the basis of the incorporation: Pride, Spirit, and Voluntarism [the city motto].

The year of 1982, in white numerals, announces the ascendency of the city to prominence among the other municipalities of this nation. The flag is emblematic of our unity, our power, our thought and purpose as a city. The blue color is derived from the adopted colors of our first institution of secondary education, McNary High School. The student body and now the city visualizes blue as encompassing the radiant energy of the seas and the sky. The blue field has further historical significance, identifying union with the mother country. The city now extends this union, seeking a harmonious and cooperative relationship within the State and County, and with adjacent cities. The white of the stripes is representative of purity and liberty.

How Selected Unknown. Ordinance R83-031 of 8 August 1983 made the flag official.
Designer Unknown.
Debbie Lockhart, MMC — Deputy City Recorder, City of Keizer

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