City of Troutdale

Flag DSC01122
Proportions 1:2 (?)
Adopted unknown
Design The flag is white with the words TROUTDALE, OREGON 1907 in large blue sans-serif capitals forming an arc beneath an oblong emblem.  The emblem depicts a landscape: A wide blue river flows to the horizon, out of which a yellow sun is rising.  Railroad tracks run along the right bank of the river, crossing a tributary that flows in from the right border.  Beyond the tributary sheer cliffs rise, higher than and to the right of the rising sun. In an asymmetric inverted horse-shoe shape are written in black the words GATEWAY TO THE COLUMBIA RIVER GORGE.
Symbolism The emblem shows the location of Troutdale, at the confluence of the Columbia and Sandy Rivers and the entrance to the scenic Columbia River Gorge.  It emphasizes the basalt cliffs on the Oregon side of the gorge, at the base of which run Union Pacific tracks connecting Troutdale to points east. 1907 commemorates Troutdale’s incorporation that year.
Unknown.  The emblem dates from the early 1970s when an artist employed under the Comprehensive Employment Training Act created the design in a stained glass window in the city council chambers.
Designer Unknown
  • There is currently only one city flag, an indoor gold-fringed version in the city council chambers.
  • In addition to the stained-glass window and the flag, the emblem can be seen on two stone monuments in the city.

Michael Orelove with the Troutdale city flag.


Flag emblem.


Emblem as part of a stone monument.

  • Researcher: Michael Orelove
  • Assistance from Sharon Nesbit, Troutdale Historical Society

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